Collection of all of the Rune Hunters and one-off comics posted so far.


Chapter 0

The Halcyon Days Of Ada And Asura
A prequel chapter, following a single day in the lives of Ada and Asura.

Chapter 1

Divergent Origins
The adventure begins, as Asura fails out of witch school and Ada tries to stop a thief in the imperial palace.

Chapter 2

The Witch And The Warrior
Asura and Kate part ways after parting with school life.  Ada sets out to find the mysterious Nanno and the stolen Master Fire Rune.

Chapter 3

Through The Woods
Asura, Kate and their new friend, Dimitri, spend a night camping in monster filled woods.

Chapter 4

Beneath The Sand
Ada, Lucian and a robot, named Steve, find themselves in a labyrinth buried far below the Ahkellan desert.

Chapter 5

Nanno's Story
Nanno escapes with the Master Fire Rune, and recounts the story that led her to this point.

Chapter 7

The Long Way Out
Ada, Lucian, Steve and a reawakened elf, named Felix, attempt leave the underground city and return to the surface world.

Chapter 8

A Wild Heart
Asura, Kate and Dimitri celebrate a successful voyage.  While Kate and Dimitri express their love for each other, Asura finds a new friend to hang out with.

Chapter 9

The Hunt For Nanno
Free from being trapped underground, Ada and her crew take to the skies and continue their search for the elusive Nanno.

Chapter 12

Penitience And Punishment
Asura is forced out of her depression when the local villagers come seeking vengeance.

Chapter 13

Facts And Friction
Tensions mount when Ada confronts her sister about the strange witch she's become friends with.  Alexis shares a bit about her own past.

Chapter 18

The Mysterious Death Of Alexis Rosen
After a night of partying, Ada learns something new about her sister's past, prompting her to search for even more answers.

Chapter 30

Rune Reunion


Jun 28, 2015Rune Hunters - <3
Nov 06, 2016Calamari Cosplay
Nov 13, 2016You're Not Alone
Mar 19, 2017Ada Recuperates
Apr 02, 2017You're With Family
Apr 23, 2017The Sassy Sister
Oct 01, 2017Mint Condition
Oct 15, 2017Ada's Crew
Mar 25, 2018Easter Egg Hunters
Aug 05, 2018Frenemies
Aug 19, 2018Artist Block
Aug 26, 2018Down And Derby
Apr 21, 2019Springtime Sisters
Jul 07, 2019Maker Madness
Jul 14, 2019Room For More
Jul 21, 2019Pirate's Booty
Jul 28, 2019Downtime Training
Oct 06, 2019Script Error
Dec 08, 2019Fun With Science
Dec 15, 2019Blood Bath
Jan 05, 2020Shine On
May 03, 2020Retro Hunters
May 10, 2020Witchy Woman
Aug 09, 2020Moonlight Showdown
Oct 04, 2020Sore Winner
Oct 11, 2020Gal Pals
Oct 18, 2020The Hungry Hare
Feb 21, 2021I Ain't Letting Go
Apr 04, 2021Zombie Nation
Jul 11, 2021Into The Abyss
Sep 05, 2021Witch's Brew
Oct 03, 2021Firebrand
Oct 10, 2021Demigod
Oct 17, 2021Meat Mountain
Feb 06, 2022True Believer
May 08, 2022The Grand Mother
May 15, 2022MerMay 2022
Jan 08, 2023The Name Game
Jun 18, 2023Cosplay Fighter 6
Jun 25, 2023Ada's Last Stand
Jul 02, 2023Simpin' Ain't Easy
Jul 16, 2023Monster Mash
Oct 08, 2023Hot Stuff
Dec 10, 2023Ada Ablaze
Dec 17, 2023Seeking The Runes
May 12, 2024Mother Knows Best
May 19, 2024MerMay 2024

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