It’s been awhile since I’ve posted non-Rune Hunters art on here.  I figured during the between chapters downtime, I’d share some of the pieces I’ve done in the last year or so.  I realize that they are all Nintendo / Smash Bros related fanart pieces.  With Ultimate on the horizon, expect a lot more.

Luigi’s Mausoleum by Cokomon on DeviantArt

Super Smash Bros Ultimate hype is in full swing, and what better way to celebrate than by doing some fanart for the upcoming game. I figured that the recent Smash Direct was ripe for artwork, what it’s depiction of Luigi straight up dying. How does Daisy feel about that.

The Big Day by Cokomon on DeviantArt

With Super Mario Odyssey recently out, I had to do a fanart piece to commemorate. This is most likely not the wedding with Bowser presented in the game, and… SPOILERS …probably also not with Mario, judging how the game ends. I wonder who the mystery suitor could be. SPOILERS

Outlaw Suit Samus by Cokomon on DeviantArt

Here’s a concept fanart piece of Samus, based on my idea of a timeline after Metroid Fusion. I decided to make a worn out version of her Zero Suit, as well as a jacket based on her Other M military design (I know, I know…)

Made Of Dreams by Cokomon on DeviantArt

A little Legend of Zelda fanart piece from one of my favorite entries in the series, Link’s Awakening. This is Marin, the red haired maiden of Koholint Island. And yes, I did like the Link’s Awakening Easter Egg challenge in Breath of the Wild.

Merry Switchmas by Cokomon on DeviantArt

Some Nintendo girls celebrating the announcement of the Nintendo Switch. Splatoon’s Inkling, Mario Bros’ Toadette, Legend of Zelda’s Tetra, Animal Crossing’s Isabelle and Swapnote’s Nikki getting in on the party. Hope you enjoyed the presentation.