Super Smash Sisters
March 26th, 2017

Super Smash Sisters

I know it’s been about 3 weeks since the Nintendo Switch came out, so this picture isn’t entirely current.  Still it’s still relevant enough, so I felt like doing a quick piece of my main characters cosplaying as Nintendo’s biggest characters.  Well, maybe not Samus these days…

Poor Metroid…

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Today’s Comic Still Coming

Hey folks checking in for today’s comic and not seeing it yet, it is still on the way.  It’s just taking a little longer than usual, but I should have it done and available later today.  Sorry for the delay, hope you enjoy it later.

Chibi Chibi Con 2017

Hey folks, small announcement time: I will be promoting Rune Hunters this Saturday at Chibi Chibi Con.  If you’re in the western Washington area and would like to stop by and say “Hi”, I’d be happy to meet you.

For more info, check out the Chibi Chibi Con Facebook Event.

December Update

Hey Rune Readers, hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.  Just figured I would do a quick end of the year update.  As you know, this was a big year for the comic as I returned to making it after a longer than expected hiatus.  Coming back to work on Rune Hunters has been great, and I hope that you all have been enjoying the latest batch of chapters.  I also hope all of you follow it into 2017 and beyond, I’ve got some neat ideas planned for where the comic and characters are heading.

Also, I realize I am posting a quick break from the current chapter not too long into it, but I couldn’t resist having my update schedule coincide with Christmas day.  I will be back to updating regularly next week.  In the meantime, I hope you all have a happy Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yule, Festivus, Candlenights, or Soluna Day and, of course, a Happy New Year!

Finally, if you ever wanted to help support Rune Hunters, you can do so by either liking the Facebook page or Tumblr blog.  It helps give me an idea how many people out there are actively following the comic, and gives me an easier way to provide updates on it.