June Update

Hey Rune Readers, quick update.  Hopefully you didn’t get tonal whiplash from going from deep, dark catacombs to a sunny beach scene.  Just giving a heads up that this week and next are breather weeks for me, but after that, Chapter 15 will keep chugging along until the end.  It’s a long chapter, it’s a very hot summer, and I needed to recharge my batteries a bit near the midpoint.  I hope you’re all enjoying it so far, and hopefully you’ll enjoy a couple of summertime themed pictures in between.

New Page Still Coming Today

Hey folks, usually around now is when you would be reading a new page in comic.  Unfortunately, I was busier than usual in the last week and am a little behind on getting today’s page done.  It should hopefully be up later in the day, so make sure to check back again soon.

Olympia Comics Festival 2017

Some exciting news to share, I have a table at the Olympia Comics Festival next Saturday. I’ll be there promoting the fun, magic & mystery of Rune Hunters at table 3B. Stop by and say hi if you’re around.

For more info, check out the Olympia Comics Festival Facebook Event