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First post on the new comics page

Woah, new comic site.  Need to get this layout together.  Looks rather bland at the moment.  Have a look around, enjoy the two comics that are currently up.

Happy Holidays

Quick post just to say Happy Holidays to everyone.  Enjoy some good times with friends, family and, especially, some good holiday food.

Wrestling with WordPress

Man, I just blew a few hours wrestling with WordPress, trying to create a version of the Previous and Next links on the comics that links to the next comic in the same category.  I just wasted a couple hours when I found out what I want to do doesn’t currently work within WordPress.  Gah.

Fiddling with the layout

I know that I should be working on the new comic, but I can’t help but fiddle with the layout for this webpage.  Move some things around, working on how thumbnails are displayed in the archive.  Also, I changed the way the main page looks, making it a bit easier for smaller monitors to handle.

Wait, I thought this comic was called Rune Hunters?

Yes, the latest comic is a Pokémon one that has nothing to do with the main storyline of Rune Hunters.  Since finishing the second chapter, I am taking a short break and doing some random game based comics for a little bit.  This will be a short break while I catch my breath and finish up my work for FM Transfer.

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Rune Hunters Chapter 3 is underway

I’ve been busy all of last week drafting up the next chapter of Rune Hunters.  Currently, the whole thing is mapped out, dialog and panel layout and everything.  However, I have only been able to get the title page done.  In the meantime, I’ll keep posting the random comics (I need a better name for this category).  Oh shi- I’d better get cracking on the one for tomorrow.  So many ideas, so little time.

Also, I’m usually not much for social networking sites, but I’ve finally signed up for a Twitter account.  You can check it out here.

New comic coming later today.

Sorry, was out and about all day yesterday and didn’t have time to get a comic.  I will have this situation rectified later today.  In the meantime, you can read an article I wrote over at the main Blinky’s R Us site to help pass the time.

Updated the characters page.

I finally put some content into the character page.  Mainly the three main girls, Asura, Kate and Ada as well as Dimitri.  Not really that big of an update, just thought I would point it out.  You can check out the characters page here.

Hmm, need to maintain interest throughout the week.

Well, the one thing about only updating one time a week is that no one really comes here during the rest of the week.  Now I don’t currently have the time in my schedule to create more than one comic a week  (although I would love to) so I am just trying to think of anything I can do to keep up interest for the rest of the week.  I probably should update this blog a lot more, then I wouldn’t see site traffic drop to nothing around Friday and Saturday.  I don’t really know what to talk about, though.  I have ideas on covering some history of my comic stuff, maybe posting early sketches of the characters.

Rocking Nanno Picture

Posted a cool picture of Nanno on my deviantArt over the weekend.  Click on the jump to take a look.