So many of you are probably wondering where Chapter 25 is at, as we’ve already reached a month of extra content and usually a new chapter pops up on the horizon at this point. Unfortunately, it might be a little longer wait than usual for the next chapter. Between experiencing a bit of burnout, writer’s block and being busing in my life & work, I haven’t been able to keep up my usual pace for the comic. And as such, the next chapter will be a little bit later than usual.

Currently, my plan is to get the chapter rolling either at the end of October or first weekend of November. If things do change for the better, I’ll keep you all updated. But for right now, that’s currently the goal, and I apologize for the lengthier break than usual. I hope you understand and look forward to the adventure that awaits.

Update on the Update: Drafting has gone well, and should be track for the date I mentioned earlier. Right now, I’m planning to start the first weekend of November, on the 7th. I know that’s far out, but Halloween is also coming up and I do want to make a Halloween piece.