Hey everyone, what with being locked inside most of the day, it’s given me some more time to work on some non-Rune Hunters are pieces I’ve wanted to do. I figured I’d share some of it with you today. Enjoy.

Mina’s Morning by Cokomon on DeviantArt

Mina’s Morning by Cokomon on DeviantArt


(There’s more in the full post)

Stevonnie At Sunset by Cokomon on DeviantArt

A fanart piece that I’ve had done for a little while, just haven’t had a chance to put the finishing touches on it. And now, Steven Universe has had it’s series finale and epilogue. Oh well, never too late to make fanart.

EV Training by Cokomon on DeviantArt

As part of my attempt to do more fanart, I wanted to do a piece based on the best new gym leader from Pokemon Sword, Bea. The brash, bold and barefoot fighting type gym leader, and her low level Machop that she’s training into a prize fighter

The Sassy Swordswoman by Cokomon on DeviantArt

Doing more experimentation with different brushes and techniques. I figured what better way to practice than to work on a fanart piece I’ve wanted to do for awhile. This piece features Edea Lee, the spunky sword-fighter from the JRPGs Bravely Default and Bravely Second.