Hello there, Rune Readers.  If you’re seeing this blog, then you’ve probably noticed that today was the last page in the current chapter.  Yes, I know it was a shorter chapter compared to others I’ve done.  This was partially to help me get back into the saddle of doing the comic again.  I’m already planning for Chapter 13 to be quite a bit bigger, and will dive a bit deeper into the characters, so look forward to that.

In the meantime, I wanted to announce a bit of a change in Rune Hunters going forward.  During the original run of Rune Hunters, I used to draw and post little side comics while working on the next main chapter.  These were usually about video games, movies and food.  While fun, they were a bit more draining to work on than I expected while I was also trying to draft and draw the next chapter.  My current plan is to not do these comics anymore, instead focusing on more Rune Hunters artwork and small comics during the downtime.  So look forward to that, I’ve got some fun summer swimsuit drawings of Rune gals coming up in the next few weeks.