As you may already be aware, writing, drawing and coloring Rune Hunters takes a bit of time each week.  Throughout the process of drafting and finishing the comic, I like to keep myself entertained listening to podcasts in background.  I’ve compiled a list of recommendations based on what I listen to.

  • Video Game Podcasts
    • The Joystiq Show – This used to be the Joystiq Podcast until it recently changed formats.  I still find it entertaining and informative, and I like the sporadic episodes where they get the old gang back together.
    • Retronauts Live – A podcast for people who just can’t let the past go.  Sometimes it can be an informative look back at old games and systems.
    • Games, Dammit! -1Up’s  general news cast, another fun and informative show.
    • CAGcast – An irreverent podcast that gets most of its entertainment value from the juvenile antics of its hosts.
  • Other Podcasts
    • My Brother, My Brother and Me – A podcast about 3 brothers who try to solve the world’s problems.  Or at least just Yahoo Answers’ problems.
    • How Did This Get Made – I just recently started listening to this one.  These guys and gals get comedic value out of watching terrible movies.
    • Too Beautiful To Live – This used to be a local radio show before it moved to podcast land.  I still listen every so often.