Hello Rune Readers, as some of you may have noticed, this site has been devoid of both runes and the hunting thereof for little over a month.  In their stead has been a glut of comics about either food or sci-fi video games.  As I stated in a previous news post, I was going on a short break in between Nanno’s chapter and the next one.  I usually need some downtime between chapters, otherwise I tend to go crazy.

I wasn’t expecting an avalanche of issues to fall into my life at around the same time.  Without going into the details, I’ve managed to sort through most all of them and am in prime condition to get the show back on the road.  The next chapter is turning out nicely and I am very excited about the path that Asura and her friends are headed on.

I love my Rune Hunters story and characters, and I never planned to abandon it.  Sorry for all of the silly and pointless comics the last five weeks, I’ll try not to take such a long break in the future.