Well, not as a guest or featured artist or anything cool like that.  I’ll just be heading attending the Emerald City ComiCon in Seattle tomorrow.   There I’ll be checking out booths, hitting up panels and passing out Rune Hunters fliers.  If I’m lucky, I might catch a glimpse of Leonard Nimoy, Stan Lee and Wil Wheaton.

In case you just found this site because of the above mentioned fliers, welcome, I hope you stick around.  In case you’re wondering why there seems to be a distinct lack of runes and/or hunting in today’s comic, that’s because I am between chapters and am doing one off comics for a few weeks.  Until then, why not get caught up on the story thus far.

As for you regular readers wondering where all the Rune Hunters have gone, don’t worry they’ll be back very soon.  The draft on the sixth chapter is coming along well.