What is Rune Hunters?

It is a weekly comic of fun, magic and mystery.

Rune Hunters is the story of a young witch, named Asura, and a warrior, named Ada. The comic follows these two on their separate adventures in a fantasy world. Along the way, these two will have to deal with angry orcs, jaded robots, giant sandworms and hungry hodags.


Ok, then what are all these other comics?

In addition to Rune Hunters, there are often one-off comics about video games and pop culture sprinkled between chapters.  These usually happen when I have a good idea or don’t currently have the time or energy to complete a full page comic.  Typically, these one-off comics are posted on Wednesdays with a regular Rune Hunters comic on Sunday.


How does this site’s comic navigation work?

On each page of the comic, there are two sets of Next and Previous buttons.  The ones at the top of the page navigate through all of the comics, regardless if they are Rune Hunters or a random one-off.  The bottom navigation buttons will go to the Next or Previous comic in the same category.  This way, you can read through the Rune Hunters story without randomly being interrupted by other comics.