Now, as the summer comes to a close and I continue to be locked inside not only because of a pandemic, but also because smoke has made the outside air hazardous, I’ve been continuing to do new art pieces. I figured I’d grab a few more and share.

Mei-chanical Engineer by Cokomon on DeviantArt

User Menu 19 Favourites 0 Comments 25 Views Another My Hero Academia fan art piece, this time of my second favorite character on the show, Mei Hatsume. I guess I just like the characters with pink hair, or in this case, any mechanical genius girl. Or, as TVTropes calls them, a wrench wench.

(More images in the full post)

Felicia’s Day by Cokomon on DeviantArt

User Menu 22 Favourites 0 Comments 33 Views It’s been quite some time since my last Darkstalkers fan art piece. Although, instead of the Chinese ghost/vampire, this piece focuses on the series’ Catholic catgirl, Felicia. Just sitting around and doing what cats do.

Uravity Falls by Cokomon on DeviantArt

User Menu 8 Favourites 0 Comments 20 Views Recently watched the entirety of Gravity Falls, and seeing the gnomes vomiting out rainbows gave me a dumb idea for a crossover with My Hero Academia. Seeing as how MHA’s Ochaco Uraraka has a bad habit of also vomiting up rainbows, it seemed like a natural fit.

Vitamin D by Cokomon on DeviantArt

User Menu 128 Favourites 0 Comments 218 Views I couldn’t let the fact that the Dr Mario mobile game introduced a slew of new doctor variants of characters go unnoticed. Especially not my girl, Daisy. Another in my summer of too many fanart pieces, enjoy.

Singing Lessons by Cokomon on DeviantArt

User Menu 16 Favourites 0 Comments 44 Views I liked my last Zelda fan art piece so much, I decided to make a follow up as soon as possible. Revisiting the oracles of ages and seasons, with Nayru teaching Din how to sing this time. And being the best tutor that she can be.

Intergalactic Beach Babe by Cokomon on DeviantArt

User Menu 76 Favourites 4 Comments 164 Views Back again with a new Rosalina fan art piece. This time, the galactic princess is enjoying some sun, sand and plenty of space. I based her bikini design one that I did in a previous fan art piece.

Snack Break by Cokomon on DeviantArt

User Menu 29 Favourites 0 Comments 47 Views Time for another picture of Gym Leader Bea and her Machop. This time, post-workout, enjoying a delicious protein bar. Probably after all of the tough EV Training that they were doing earlier.