Rune Hunters – Chapter 16 Cover
November 5th, 2017

Rune Hunters – Chapter 16 Cover

Another new chapter begins this week.  Stay tuned as we dive into the mysteries surrounding the Goddess herself.

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  1. mcnally says:

    Hey, its me again. We met last year and I have bugged you off and on since. Anyway, I stream on weekends. Is it cool that I used an image from your comic as a thumbnail? I put the site link in the description. Let me know if that bothers you, I’ll change it if you want me to.

    By the way, I have been here the whole time enjoying the comic, sorry I don’t say it much.

    • Cokomon says:

      Thanks, I’m glad that you enjoy the comic so much that you’d even make this offer. I’ve let people use a piece of fanart I created in the past for their Youtube channel, however I am a little apprehensive about using my OCs. Out of curiosity, what’s the channel name? Same as your username?

      • mcnally says:

        Sort of, you have to append “and the Gibbie” because he shows up too. I did not link it in my other comment because this is not cheesy self promotion. I just like comic art and like to share it. The thumbnail is the one I am pretty sure you are afraid I’d use for a humor game.

        • mcnally says:

          I just noticed it looks fine in the smaller version but god awful blown up and stretched. You wont see the big version anymore once I stream though so that is temporary.

        • Cokomon says:

          It’s less that I’m concerned about it in a humor game, and more just slight hesitance on letting others use stuff related to my comic. Unlike my random fanart, Rune Hunters is my baby so I do worry about it being used by others. I’m concerned someone else using it as their own brand.

          I did check your Youtube channel and saw what you were talking about using comic artwork as a thumbnail. Were you just planning to use on of my pages or did you plan to make this a recurring thing?

          • mcnally says:

            I usually ape the art of the MMO Kingdom of Loathing myself and upload that. I have been hitting spells where I don’t have the motivation to update my own art, so instead I have taken to upload an interesting panel from something I have been enjoying myself so I don’t have to keep using the same picture.

            I mention the image briefly at the top of the episode and move on. Such as, “go look at X, I enjoy it for Y.” I include the source in the description and go on with my reading. Kingdom of Loathing is a game about literacy so I will only be using the panel as an eye grabber for the thumbnail. I wont be using anything else, and no content from you site, asside from my positive impression, will make it into the show.

            I can take it down if you are still feeling uncomfortable, I do not mind at all.

          • Cokomon says:

            No, it seems fine. Sorry, I’m a little bit of a paranoid person. I’ve had to turn someone down once that wanted to republish my work in their ‘Zine. I appreciate the promotion, and I appreciate that you like work enough to share it.

            Also, just so I have the right place, this is your Youtube channel, right:–Hp52zDQ

  2. mcnally says:

    Yea, I added the link into the website field of my comments. You can see the latest one that starts in 20 minutes with your art by clicking my name here.