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Indecisiveness Causes Late Comic

So as you can probably tell from last weeks Kingdom Hearts comic still being featured, I don’t have a new comic ready yet.  Basically, I had one in the works that I ended up not being too keen on.  Then I had a replacement idea almost ready to go before I came up with a better idea for today’s comic.  So as a result, I’m sorry about the delay and hopefully the new comic will be up later today.

Fret Not, The Rune Will Return

So you’ve probably noticed a lot of Cokomon’s Comics lately, and there is going to be one more this Sunday.  After that begins some more Rune Hunters, a very special chapter this time.  I don’t want to give too much away about it, but it’s going to be another split chapter, similar to the first two, with a short story for Asura and one for Ada.  More info to come in a couple of weeks.